🏝️Go Hanauma 🏝️ 

We operate a small-group guided snorkeling tour for up to 5 people 

 A great choice for anyone who is an inexperienced swimmer or traveling with children(5+) or the elderly

This is a tour that will be held at your own pace!

We will guide you on the best course according to the sea conditions on the day, and you'll double your chances of seeing more tropical fish than if you went on your own!

Free photos and videos taken on the tour!

*Please be aware, we can only take 5 people per tour! 

🤿Why we recommend the tour🤿

  • You can skip making reservations to Hanauma, and you won't have to wait in the admission line! 
  • We have plenty of experience with children and elderly, and people who are not confident swimmers
  • We provide all the necessary equipment 
  • We have a Maximum 5 person limit, keeping the tours personalized
  • We also take photos for free so you can remember your tour! Of course, you can also bring your own camera!

Our female guide has swam all over Hanauma Bay for over 20 years and will guide you through the underwater world of Hanauma Bay. "I can't swim, so maybe it's not possible for me?" If you are thinking that, please leave it to us! Since you will be wearing a life jacket, you won't have to worry about floating! We will teach you everything from how to breathe to how to swim. If you are anxious or have small children, please feel free to leave it to me as I will ensure your safety while you swim. We will help you have a memorable time that will make you feel safe and fun! 

🌴Schedule of the tour 🌴 

6:30am/11:30 - Pick up at Waikiki/Kahala hotel or designated location
   Arrive at Hanauma Bay and have your guide purchase the $25 entrance fee
Mandatory video viewing after entering with guide
Take the tram or walk down to the beach
 Use the restrooms and get ready (Valuables will be stored in a locked box)
Snorkel briefing 
Check out what kind of fish you might be able to see at kiosk's fish encyclopedia board 
Practice snorkeling!
Once you're ready, I will guide you with the best course for the day!
(We will snorkel for about 1 hour, but I will adjust to individual physical condition)
After the tour, we will rinse off, change clothes, and snack time.
    Depart from Hanauma Bay and arrive at hotel around 10:30~11:00/3:30~4:00 

*Please put on your swimsuit in advance and bring a change of clothes and a towel.
*Tours may change or be canceled depending on weather, traffic conditions, etc.
*Please note that we will be unable to upload images in unforeseen events such as camera malfunctions, etc. 

🐠What's included in the price

  • Round trip transportation from Waikiki area
  • Mask, snorkel, fins
  • Life jacket
  • Beach mat
  • Use of Lock box for storing valuables, etc.
  • Guided tour
  • Bottled water
  •  Free underwater photography images (Sent via Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Hawaii consumption tax 4.712% included 

🐙What's not included in the price

  • Hanauma Bay admission $25.00 cash only (Children under 12 years old are free)
  • Full body wetsuit $10.00 (Request in advance)
  • Short sleeve wet jacket $5.00 (Request in advance) 
  • Prescription mask $5 (Request in advance) 
  • Beach towel
  • Tip for your consideration

👌Wetsuit is recommended for you if:

      *You want extra sun protection
      *Sensitive to cold (especially children)
      *Protect your body from scratches when swimming over shallow reef

🐟Other announcements🐟

  • Anyone who is healthy can participate (+5)
  • Pregnant women cannot participate
  • No alcohol or smoking, including e-cigarettes, inside the park
  • No passport required
  • Please remember to apply sunscreen

🐠Group Snorkel Guided Tour for Morning or Afternoon🐠  - $109.00 (Tax included)

Pick up from Waikiki/Kahala area 

Morning: Starts at 6:30 - Afternoon: Starts at 11:30 

🐡Private tour Afternoon🐡(Up to 5 people) - $545.00 (Tax included) 

Pick up from Waikiki/Kahala area 

Morning: Starts at 6:30 - Afternoon: Starts at 11:30 

🤿Service charge🤿

*For payment, we will send you a card payment link. 
 VISA / MASTER / AMEX / DISCOVER / Apple Pay / Google Pay 
*Prices are the same for adults and children. 


🤿 Reservation Request 🤿  

*Tours are only held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

United States

🌈 Please enter the full name of the representative🌈

  🌈 Please fill in the following in the message field🌈

1. Preferred date Morning or Afternoon
2. 2nd preferred date Morning or Afternoon
3. Number of participants (5 is maximum)
4.Name of the hotel you plan to stay at (for pick up)
5. Everyone's age (5+) 
6. Shoe sizes 
7. Height & weight
8.If you would like to request wet suit or prescription mask
9. Will you be paying cash or card 

🐚 Cancellation Policy🐚 

No refunds from the day before the scheduled tour date to the day of the tour.
50% refund if 3-5 days before
Before that, we will give you a full refund.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your tour.

I am looking forward for your reservation! 

You will receive a response within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply, please email us again.